NC system data recovery
   The lost data
Deleted files?
A partition disappeared?
Blackout / Power outage?
Fire or water disaster?
Electrical or mechanical problem?
We can help!  >>>
    The progress of the recovery work
Upon reception, we do a precise diagnose free of charge! After the diagnose, we make a quote with expected success rate and estimated time to recover as well. >>>
    Tech Support (0-24)
Everyday, everytime : 24/7 you can contact our tech support that will reply as fast as we can...    >>>
    R.O.T.S. (0-24) as Recovery Online Tracking System
Speed up the process with R.O.T.S. : on-line tracking of actual state of your recovery, check the recovered data and much more !
You can register now!
The diagnose is free of charge! >>>
    On-site data recovery
When possible, we can do ON SITE data recovery. Useful for faulty servers, working complex systems with storage malfunction and so on... >>>
   Gladiator Project : our Backup-Restore system
Data storage has never been safer : live jobs, data, documents and background backup - even AUTOMATICALLY ! >>>
    Technical Courses
We offer periodical technical courses for people who want to know how to store data safely, prevent data loss and what to do when a problem occurs >>>
    Our best cases (references)
CLICK HERE for a sample of success stories, with interesting pictures and details ! >>>
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